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Being specialists in Glass Restoration we can undertake even the most difficult repairs from a simple chip to glass reconstruction. This includes stemware, decanters, vases, scent bottles, jugs and all types of glassware

Glass Dead parrot!   Glass Live parrot!  
Silver and Crystal Parrot Wine Jug circa 1900

This illustration shows a rare jug that was brought to us badly damaged. We removed the existing base from both the head and tail mounts. A new crystal body was hand blown and fitted as the original. The wings were cut and hand polished restoring the piece back to its former glory.

Victorian Claret Jug circa 1880

This illustration shows a Victorian Claret Jug with a silver mount and a star cut and engraved crystal base which was badly damaged. We were able to blow a new crystal body and then copper-wheel engrave

Victorian Claret Jug
Victorian Claret Jug

Hells Angels Trophy

This illustration shows a Canadian Hells Angels trophy that was brought to us damaged and in many pieces. We were able to re-assemble the trophy back to its original configuration thus keeping a very prized possesion.
Hells Angels glass trophy

Antique glasses
  • Glass grinding and polishing
  • Replacement necks, foots and stems
  • Hand cutting and engraving
  • Mechanical cleaning for cloudy and stained glass
  • Stopper replacement and fitting
  • Gilding and Frosting

If you have any queries at all about our Glass Restoration Service, email, phone or fax us now.

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